Accessories for nail sculpturing can be divided roughly into two areas: the Tools and Tools, necessary to complete a modeling and Nail, which can be used.

Before the first start of the nail sculpturing to cover himself with the right tools and materials. In the trade are often complete starter kits available, show all the necessities. These sets include u. a.

UV-Gele Sie härten unter UV-Licht aus. These gels are very sensitive to light. Open this Tiegelchen never outdoors or in bright rooms. Keep the container of UV gels never in the immediate vicinity of the UV Gel, if it is on. In professional nail studios are often cold light lamps used. These lights emit a light, which can not these UV-cured gels. Generally: Cool, dark place for storage select, However, this material expands with heat and heat. The best-selling starter kits include a base gel, a builder, for the beautiful white tips of the fingernails and a Frenchgel for a brilliant financial statements give a sealing gel, which the nails especially the shine brings.

Gel Brush With these brushes you work on the prepared nails, it can be applied to different gels.

Feilen Es gibt gerade und gebogene Feilen. They are made from European specialty paper and available in various grits. Thus, a constant abrasion guaranteed. The files are of course easily washable and disinfected. A repeated use of this pro-files is no obstacle.

Buffer Ein Buffer ist ein weißer, viereckiger Schleifblock. The buffer has a very very fine grain, a much finer grain size as your files. This buffer is required to perfect roughening of your natural fingernail.

Rosenholzstäbchen Diese Stäbchen benötigen Sie, to remove any residue of the gels clean.

Cleaner Diesen Reiniger benutzen Sie, remove the dispersion layer clean.

Zelletten Zelletten sind auch als Zellstoff-Tupfer bekannt. These are used for disinfecting and removing the need Schwitzschicht.

Lichthärtungsgerät Wählen Sie bei diesem Gerät ein TÜV-geprüftes Gerät. They recognize the badge “TÜV”, because safety comes first always. The bottom plate should be interchangeable.

Have you bought a starter kit for your first Nagelmodellage, can begin the beautification of the nails.