First, we prepared the nail on the modeling. But first the cuticle from the nail. Then the nail is roughened and degreased with a soft nail file. This guarantees the durability of the gel. Following is an adhesive gel is applied evenly in a thin layer on the nail. Here one must make sure, the gel is not too close to the natural nail, otherwise it may later lead to liability problems. The gel is then cured in a special UV lamp. After that you can then select his personal design and the nail the wishesGelnägel Edit. Once even that is cured, is a special form of the builder worked out the natural nail and the stress point, where it most often comes to breaks, reinforced. After curing, the nail is filed in the form of gel and finish with a high gloss finishing. After that you should rub a nail oil into the cuticle, because this is the nail sculpturing but very stressed and therefore need a good after care.

A good Gelmodellage should be pretty thin and pull handles on the edges are no air bubbles. In addition, we must, if tips were used to increase, Tip of the transition to natural nail can not see. If a refill was made, dh. if the nails are modeled after the first nail sculpturing the next time, should shine through the old location of model.

In addition, hygiene in nail sculpturing very important. The area should be clean and free of dust, all units must be in accordance with the out the cleansing and disinfection and also the hands of nail technicians and customers need before the start of the modeling to be disinfected.

If these conditions are met, holds a Gelmodellage very long and it depends on personal taste, when the modeling should be revised. The nails grow at different rates and every person disturbs many versions of the growth, so they do all the nails regularly 2-4 Weeks to renew. Manche Kunden haben aber auch größere Abstände zwischen den Terminen. Gel-Modellagen sind im Allgemeinen alltagstauglich und man kann mit ihnen ganz normal jede Tätigkeit ausüben. One should be careful only with strong cleaning agents and chemicals, because they attack the gel and can be harmful to the modeling.