Nail Studio


The so-called “All- in- one” – Sets beinhalten alles: From light curing unit to the smallest Accessories, so you can start immediately with the model.
Das bekannteste und teuerste Objekt eines Nadelmodellage Set ist das Lichthärtungsgerät. This is for curing a UV- Gel used. In this case you should make on it, that such a device has at least four tubes, and at best also a timer. One should take care, that UV- Gels never opens in sun-filled rooms, since then very quickly harden.

There are a wide range of gels, some of which are an indispensable accessory for a nail sculpturing Sets. Eines davon ist ein Versiegelungsgel; this is the perfect end for your modeling and provides unsurpassable brilliant shine of the nails. These gels must only be applied very thinly and remove as if by magic, independent smooth.
Ein weiteres unverzichtbares Gel ist ein Aufbaugel. These are mainly available in two different colors, model your nails so that they may, what is your grade, It was the most natural look in his bright pink or white. Also, this gel is absorbed by itself smoothly, because it is very elastic and thus guarantees the perfect structure of the nail.
Model results for a strong position, the French- White- Gel applied, However, only the nail tips. This gel covers now very good, and makes your nail tips look very natural and thin. But for special decorations and patterns, the gel can be used, Thanks to its high opacity.

Diese Gele lassen sich besonders gut mit einem Rotmarderhaarpinsel auftragen, because the hairs are precisely located and flat and allow for precise work. Usually, such a brush is the size 4 at. but if something have gone next, sind Orangenholzstäbchen die beste Hilfe, because they are optimal for freeing the distal margins of excess gel, because they are working very fine.

During curing of the finished nail sculpturing under the UVA- Light forms on the nail a Schwitzschicht, which affect the gloss. Nach dem Aushärten wird daher danach der Cleaner verwendet, um die Schwitzschicht mit einer fusselfreien Zellette abzuwischen. Here, the gel structure is not damaged and optimize the gloss. But at the beginning of the Cleaner can be used, for he has disinfecting and degreasing properties and that a nail varnish is better than on fat-free ground, is finally known. Even after the filing of nature- or artificial nails can be used Cleaner, to clean around the nail. But this requires first of all nail with a corresponding “Stores” be in the form, the most important commodities are of course also be found in a set. Dazu gehört der Konturnagelknipser, which brings the first hint in the right form, without splitting it or auszufusseln. The Clippers are optimal in the hand and nail salon in quality. Without filing it is not perfect – perfektioniert wird der Nagel mit einem vierseitigen Schleifblock aus Kunststoff. Thanks to the uniform grain precise work is thus possible, even the roughening of the natural nail. It may also in the nails are used and is therefore suitable as a prophylaxis against the lifts of the gel.

Weiterhin sind in einem Nagelmodellage Set zwei Sandfeilen enthalten; a straight and a curved file easier to work on own nails. Such files are very hygienic and reusable, as with water, can be cleaned as well as with commercially available disinfectants.

Doch was wäre ein Nagelmodellage Set ohne Kunstnägel? Most are artificial nail tips in, but also all artificial nails in the color of milky natural color, so they can be modeled optimally. These come in various sizes and adapt to each nail individually. You have to be handled well without shattering and give off a flat picture. Most of these tips best studio quality, wie auch der Nagelkleber. This is usually in a bottle with a pointed opening, so that the adhesive can be applied easily and cleanly. Nail glue has a much higher liability than ordinary cement and thereby keep artificial nails from many burdens.

A Nail design is nothing difficult with a little practice, why do you trust on your nails!