Künstliche Fingernägel

Again is a nail torn? Do you suffer from brittle nails? Then the nail sculpting a good alternative for you. To strengthen your natural nails, they can try various techniques.
Die Gelmodellage is the most popular method. It is in every Nail Studio offered, but you can also herself at home make.
This applied to the gel hardens nails mostly by the action of UV light or not – light-curing bird species of a chemical substance. Dadurch kann man den Zeitpunkt der Durchhärtung fast frei bestimmen und wir stehen nicht unter Zeitdruck.
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The acrylic technology is more complex and the good races we can make it from an experienced professional.
In this method, an acrylic powder and liquid acrylic mixed. The substances react with each other and harden slowly. be completed this reason, the nail sculpturing, before the mass has hardened.
Another less common option, the fingernails is to strengthen the fiberglass method. This is a fiberglass fabric cut into shape and applied with a nail glue.