Learning Areas


If you apply for a Education for the nail technician interested, You should be careful, that your chosen training course covers the key areas. This includes basic knowledge, Health Studies, Material science and business basics. The training of nail designer embraces the fields of natural nail strengthening, Nail design, French Manicure, Nail jewelry and Nail. Here you will learn aboutProfessionelle Fingerägelvarious design options by using paint, Glitter, Strass, etc.. learn. Related to this the knowledge available about various health issues, such as allergies, Hygiene and skin diseases. In the modules, material science and business basics you acquire the necessary expertise in the areas of product chemistry and materials, and accounting, Human Resources and Marketing.

Once you have earned the title of a certified nail designer, are you training options open, especially in the field of Business, as well as on start-up. With this acquired knowledge in the seminars you will then have the necessary know-how, to own Nail Studio to establish. Further training in the beauty and cosmetics are offered. You should be aware, that after such additional training your customers to offer a wider range of services.