Prepare your job well. Set all Tools, Materials and Tools ready, later at a frantic search and touch to avoid excess of the nails. Cleanliness is top priority.

Always pay attention to hygiene. Before starting the nail modeling it is important, wash your hands thoroughly, the nails with a soft brush to gently brush and disinfect hands with a disinfectant.

Prepare your nails well before. All natural nails are the same length - a maximum of 2 mm long – shortened and filed into shape. Avoid corners and edges while filing. Existing cuticles with a rosewood stick must be pushed back, dead skin are removed.

Now, the surface must be the natural nails with the buffer a bit roughed up. This is always perpendicular to the growth, d. h. with a finger, but against the finger. The finest grain size of the buffer facilitates a smooth work. Sharpen your nails completely matt. No bright spot may be seen. Important: Keep the nails always fat-free! Any contact with the fingernails must be prohibited, otherwise is not a perfect adhesion of the gel on the nails can. Remove the dust caused by the dust brush.