Before- and disadvantages


Acrylnägel are very hard, harder than Gelnägel, Therefore, it can be very painful, when the wearer initiates somewhere. The hardness of the acrylic nails are very durable and resilient, and the carrier has long pleasure. Unlike Gelnägeln it is not felt, as the acrylic hardens mass. This is clearly to be seen as an advantage, because in the Gelnägeln curing can be extremely uncomfortable. The acrylic nails do not grow with the natural nail with, ie, it creates a gap in time between the cuticle and the acrylic nail. This should then be filled, to preserve the aesthetic. The modeling of acrylic nails is more difficult than modeling Gelnägeln. Inexperienced, it is almost impossible. Therefore, this technique is not available in all nail salons and is often priced higher than the conventional Gelnägeln. For this act, the acrylic nails, if they are well made, very natural, because they are extremely thin. Außerdem können Fingernägel aus Acrylic ohne Hilfsmittel von den Naturnägeln abgelöst werden, which is not the case at Gelnägeln. Here is a special means needed.
Acrylic nails are dull with time, bring it back to get shiny, they can be polished with a file or painted with a clear lacquer.

About every three weeks should be filled in the Acrylic Nails. Since the acrylic nails react to UV light and change color to yellow, it makes sense, before the visit of a solarium or a longer stay in the sun, apply a special sun block.

More specifically, acrylic on:
The modeling with acrylic is also known as powder-liquid technology. Acrylic liquid is mixed with acrylic powder. The powder is known chemically as polymer and the liquid acrylic monomer as. Polymers consist of molecules, which are long chains connected to each other, Monomers from unrelated molecules give. When mixing the powder and liquid acrylic, there is a chemical reaction, the so-called polymerization (= Curing). Unlike Gelnägeln is needed so the acrylic nail extension with no UV light for curing the mass. From the curing of the acrylic mass was noted, however, nothing.