First, the finger nail with a file or a sanding block roughened. The nail must be very dull. The cuticle is pushed back and scoured the nail with a so-called primer. The nail should be up to the very bottom GeKuNagelmodellage Kursent be filed and then in the form. Now a matching Nageltip selected and glued to the nail. If the glue dry completely, the Nageltip cut to desired length and filed into shape. Now the real work begins Acrylic. The composition is applied and modeled. This must go fast, because the curing begins immediately, if the two components come into contact. After a few minutes the acrylic nail is cured already so far, that it can be filed, until it has the desired result. Finally, the nail polish still, to give it a nice sheen. Then he can be painted or even occupied with small rhinestones are.