Nail Design Gel


In addition to simply paint the nails, there are many more opportunities, to have his nails to beautify. Nail Salons, Cosmetic and hairdressing studios have some artistic designs, elongated nails and a relaxing manicure at. The most common Nageldesignart in Germany, is currently the nail sculpting gel and tips.
After the nails cleaned, were brushed and swept, begins the actual modeling:
The Naildesiger distributes the nail glue to the competent artificial nail surface around the tip then be worn on the upper half of the natural nail. Thereafter, the artificial nails using a nail cutter cut. On the lower part of the natural nail, and the transition to a total of three layers applied UV Gel. After each hand is the gel layer under UV tubes. The UV light cures the gel. If the transition flawlessly, and the gel is cured, the nails are still swept the last time, give them the right length and shape. Finally, they are still painted or with accessories such as a nail piercing, Nail tattoos or rhinestones adorned. Finally, a final layer of gel applied, so that the paint is not chipping. Gelnägel In contrast to other nail nail sets such as the nail extension with Acrylic, extremely easy on the natural nails.
Die Gelmodellage holds approximately. 4 Weeks and costs an average of 60 to 80 Euro.