Nail Design Gel


In addition to simply paint the nails, there are many more opportunities, to have his nails to beautify. Nail Salons, Cosmetic and hairdressing studios have some artistic designs, elongated nails and a relaxing manicure at. The most common Nageldesignart in Germany, is currently the nail sculpting gel and tips. [Read more…]


Künstliche Fingernägel

Again is a nail torn? Do you suffer from brittle nails? Then the nail sculpting a good alternative for you. To strengthen your natural nails, they can try various techniques. [Read more…]

Nail design courses and training


To obtain a sound education, It is important to have a good trainer or. to find the right course for you. This is not always easy, but the following guidelines can serve as an aid in a decision. [Read more…]